Product/Chemical Tanker inspection report

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Introduction: MT “Example Tanker ” was inspected on XXX September 2020 at XXX, at the anchorage during her call for bunkering on the way to “Sample Port”. The vessel dropped anchor Off Port Limits and all cargo tanks except 1P, 3S and 4P were inerted and prepared for loading; The vessel was in ballasted condition with all ballast tanks fully or partially ballasted, except the Forepeak. The previous cargo was reported Gasoline with total quantity of 34859 MT. Good cooperation was provided by the Master, Senior Officers and Crew and access to all practical areas was granted. All requested documents were prepared in advance and handed over. Cargo Oil Tanks 1P, 3S and 4P were ventilated in advance and were internally inspected. The Forepeak, which was the only available Ballast tank, was also entered.

The vessel is a double hulled Chemical and Product tanker, 53,167 DWT, “Example” flagged, intended to transport products with sufficiently severe – type 3 environmental and safety hazards. The ship is under an Enhanced Survey Programme and screw-shaft condition monitoring, she possesses ice class 1AFS. The vessel has unmanned machinery systems, Inert Gas System, Crude Oil Washing and Emergency Towing Arrangement.

The tanker was built by “Sample Shipbuilding Co. Ltd.” in Korea under the classification rules of  a classification society member of IACS and was delivered 2004.  She is a parcel tanker with grand total Capacity of 98% – 53 006 m3, consisting of 12 COT and 2 Slop tanks and capable of carrying 6 different grades. The cargo tanks are wholly Phenolic Epoxy Coated and heating of the cargo is arranged with steam heat exchangers positioned on the Main Deck. The 14 ballast tanks are arranged as side L-type tanks, Forepeak and After Peak Tank. The Cargo system consists of 14 FRAMO deep well pumps driven by 4 power packs with 2 electrical and two diesel engines driving motors. The ballast pumps, the bow thruster, as well as the cargo tanks cleaning pump are also driven by the FRAMO power system. The mooring winches are separately hydraulically driven by their own system. The vessel propulsion system consists of low speed two-stroke main engine, camshaft controlled without VIT, directly coupled to the fixed pitch propeller. The electrical system is powered by 3 auxiliary engines. There is only one Auxiliary boiler.

The vessel was found in overall Fair to Good condition with three defects, namely the Forepeak Tank failed coating at certain levels over its height by 30%. The antifouling coating is at the end of its lifespan and advanced corrosion noted on the anchor windlasses drum wheels and structures. A number of observations were noted, and reported specifically in the designated section, relating to the majority to the Weather Deck fittings. Besides the observations, all equipment of the vessel was reported and where possible checked in operational state, vessel is performing regular cargo operations and voyages without limitations. The ship was retrofitted with dual TRANSAS ECDIS system and Environmentally Acceptable Lubrication to stern tube and bow thruster. There is no Ballast Water Treatment Plant installed yet.

The Hull was found in fair condition with the antifouling almost fully wasted on the forward part, in general at the end of its lifespan and with multiple damages by the operation of the tugboats and others. The hull is constructed with a reinforced ice-belt.

The Cargo tanks were graded in good condition with the coating in almost intact condition. The Forepeak tank was given a fair grade, due to corrosion and coating breakdown around 30% at 50% of the surface positioned at certain levels over its height.

The Bridge was found in overall good condition with all equipment in working state and from reputable makers.

The Forecastle and Poop deck were seen in fair condition mainly due to the condition of the mooring machinery corrosion and coating, where the worst areas were the anchor windlass drum starboard.

The Main deck was also found in fair condition with coating breakdowns mainly on the edges of fittings, cable conduits and cable boxes, pipes except the Cargo lines and some areas of the Deck plating with spot corrosion.

The cargo systems and pumps were reportedly all fully operational and the FRAMO pump cofferdams purging regularly done revealed no leakages, however the FRAMO annual service report was only available for 2018. A record of loading and discharging operations and durations was presented without any abnormalities. The cargo systems were assessed in fair to good condition overall.

The Engine room was found sufficiently clean, even slightly above the average for the industry, including the bilge wells, tank top and bilge holding tank. All machinery was reported operational, one Auxiliary engine running and another one started from the ECR and auto paralleled. Record of ME overhauls and cylinder liner wear was presented in normal condition. PMS revealed no overdue major equipment maintenance. Auxiliary engine 3 running hours since last overhaul were 13 059 and could be considered due for overhaul. The latest LO analyses from April 2020 had all normal status except mooring windlasses and mooring winch 4 with attention due to elevated water content and Insolubles.

The safety equipment was seen in fair to good condition with all in working condition, but with a slight backlog in the coating maintenance of fire dampers, some vent mushrooms and tank vent heads. All safety equipment was found regularly inspected by shore services and with service stickers posted.

The PSC record was found good with 3 deficiencies and 0 detention in the 9 inspections during the last three years.