Docking Case

Activation after cold lay-up and Special Survey of a Handy Size Bulker





2O Years old Handy Size Bulker vessel was laid up for more than 1,5 years. The request of the Ship Owner was to reactivate the vessel for a single voyage to the Repair Yard and to carry out 4th Special Survey/Docking preferably in Tuzla, Turkey.

The vessel was thoroughly inspected in a 2 week time period.  Docking specification was created. Jobs were assigned to Crew  parallel to the Ship Yard. The Specification included:

–              FW washing, grit blasting;

–              Applying paint according to specification;

–              Taking measurement of tail shaft wear down, rudder bearing;

–              Propeller cleaning only;

–              Hull anodes replacement;

–              Hull UTM before the DD, pipes in Ballast tanks to be inspected, measured and ordered for replacement by Yard; Pressure test of ballast lines;

–              Steel replacement of around 21 t. mostly tanktop in Cargo Hold 3, water tests of the tanks to confirm water tightness, quality control with other means, air pressure test of FOTk 2ps;

–              Cleaning of DBFOTk 2 PS&SB, DBHFO 3 PS&SB for hot work;

–              Rudder carrier temporary repair inspection and confirmation to class that there is no progression of cracks/damage (class outstanding recommendation);

–              Anchor winches to be inspected and tested. Speed to be verified. Report to be issued; gypsy wheels to be rebuild by pattern;

–              Hatch cover repair (wasted steel renewal,  sealing rubber 25% replacement, landing pads, rebuilding of the main hinges as per recommendations) according to external Company recommendations, including natural ventilation covers, (cleats replacement by Crew); After repair Ultra sonic leak test to confirm successful repair;

–              Cargo hold ventilation boxes on Main deck steel repair – wasted .

–              Forward mooring station catwalks replacement – optional can be done by crew fitter.

–              Hold cleaning and washing with high pressure fresh water

–              Crane 2 repair/replacement of luffing motor

–              Load test of all cranes, lifeboat davits, ER crane, accommodation ladders;

–              Safety devices: CO2 bottles 37 pcs hydraulic test;

–              Anchor chain calibration, according to present 2014 measurement 2 lengths have to be replaced. Cleaning of the chain lockers with crew;

–              Opening the upper ballast tanks manholes by the crew, lower Tanks and FO by the Yard;

–              ER overboard valves overhaul;

–              ER and pipes replacement according to list provided – created in cooperation with the Crew. Pipes with diameter below 150 mm will be started with the additional fitter.

–              AE1 and AE2 overhaul with Owner nominated Company;

–              AE 1 and AE2 TC overhauls – local Company;

–              Intermediate shaft bearings to be inspected for CMS

–              ME pneumatic system overhaul with company providing spares – Owner nominated Company;

–              ME crankshaft deflection before and after docking;

–              ME FOIP repair by external Company, Owners supply, new plunger and barrels;

–              ME stay bolt replacement/ removal by Crew, spare Owner’s Supply;

–              ME TC inspection and cleaning for 12 000 hrs/intermediate maintenance, balancing, replacement of gasket on the expansion joint;

–              ME air coolers cleaning in the yard, pressure test, inspection of the dehumidifier;

–              ER HFO service, HFO settling, DO settling tanks cleaning by Yard;

–              ER DO serv tank cleaning by Crew;

–              Bilge tank cleaning for hot work, holed;

–              BSO TK cleaning for hot work, steam coil repair, test;

–              Boiler valves o’h, exh side cleaning, water side inspection, Class NK survey, condenser cleaning in the yard, pressure test, boiler furnace if necessary, safety valves o’h for class, popping up test;

–              ER fan overhaul – 2 pcs, steel repair in necessary of the mushroom, impeller/rotor balancing;

–              El switch boards to be cleaned inside, el connections retightened where necessary – Optional;

–              EL motors overhaul the big major ones by Yard: aux blowers, SW port use, ME LO pumps motor, ballast pump. Small el motors will be overhaul by ship’s Electrician and after that by another electrician: purifier el motors, boiler feed pump etc acc. List;

–              Special Survey class renewal;

–              Pumps overhaul by the Yard and test with owner’s Representative: Ballast pump, port cool pump, fire and GS pump, (Em’cy fire pump by crew);

–              Repair of the cabins bathrooms floor tiles 10 cabins;

–              Air condition plant steam heater replacement – already onboard;

–              ER  floor cement to be repaired;

–              MGPS anodes replacement by crew and electrician;

–              Vacuum test of the reinstalled bottom plugs;

–              Provision crane repair – Optional according to order from the company;

–              Navigational equipment service and repair: inmarsat C out of order, VDR, MFHF;

–              Cargo hold FW high pressure washing/blasting 420 bar and painting 2 X 10% touch-up ;

–              Renewed steel to be primed/painted by Crew ;

–              Funnel Company Logo to be high pressure water washed and refreshed.

–              HC Cleats replacement

–              Replacement of other water tight doors rubber, channels maintenance – by the Crew.


The Project was supervised from our side and the Drydocking repairs were successfully executed for 30days. The vessel was inspected by PSC prior departure –  0 deficiencies. The vessel departed on its trade voyage to earn profit for the Owner without problems.