Here are described some interesting and representative projects successfully accomplished during the professional career of the Owner, who has more than 15 years experience in the Maritime Industry, starting as a Marine Engineer in a Japanese  managed Company onboard Car Carrier vessels, having worked as a Ship Repair Manager in a Ship Repair Yard, Chief Engineer onboard Container vessels for a German Ship Owner, Technical Superintendent dealing with Reefer vessels in a German Company with a Dutch heart, Technical Superintendent for German Ship Owners managing Containers and Bulkers.

If you have to resolve similar to the described below cases, please do not hesitate to contact us!

1. Docking Case

Activation after cold lay-up and Special Survey of a Handy Size Bulker

2. Alternator failure case

Generator electric failure due to grounding of the Alternator Rotor windings as a result of vibration on a more than 20 years old Japanese built Reefer vessel – the case include installation of a Container power pack on deck to restore the full el power required for the cargo

3. Electronic Main Engine hydraulic system maintenance on a Container vessel

Solution for malfunctioning start-up hydraulic pumps  and Hydraulic system maintenance of Electronic Main Engine MAN ME

4. Sample inspection reports based on recently carried out assignments