Sample reports based on recently carried out inspections

Four Years (2018-2022) of hard work, since the founding of the company.

More than 170 vessel inspections.

Diverse kinds of inspections, using multiple templates, focusing on different aspects of the shipping business on various types of ships.

Around 2500 defects identified and observations raised and thus made the operation of the vessels safer and more efficient, as well helped the Owners and Ship Managers with proposals and direct solutions to implement.

Here, we have provided some inspection report samples, based on recently carried out assignments.

The information available in this website, including text, graphics, images etc. is of general nature and does not describe any real case. These particular report examples are a work of fiction and as such are presented only for the purpose of general evaluation of the reporting quality of an eventual real service.
Any resemblance to real cases or similar purpose works of competitors, partners or any third parties is pure coincidence. There could be no legal liabilities resulting from the content herein presented, stated and referred to.